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Posted By admin in Tour Packages on July 26, 2017
These packages are selected just for adrenaline junkies like yourself! We will take you up to one of the highest peaks in South East Asia, or down to the sea level, for some white water rafting fun. Whatever your addictions to be, we hope that these adventurous packages will give you the exhilaration you crave for.
Kiulu Rafting (Grade Level I & II, Tour Code: AA01)
Perfect for first time rapids rafters who just want an easy yet exciting trip to test yourself on your guts level. With series of easy rapids for you to maneuver around, you’ll be sure to get a great fun out of this.
Padas Rafting (Grade Level III & IV, Tour Code: AA02)
For the novice to expert level, though don’t underestimate the power of nature. These white water rapids could easily toss and turn your raft upside down if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, fear not! Our professional guide will lead your way downstream and that shall help you tick one box off that bucket list of yours.
Highland ATV Fun (Tour Code: AA09)
Located in the valleys of Kundasang, you can roam around the highland grounds on the ATV to explore the nearby attractions. This fun day trip is suitable for those seeking something adventurous and at the same time, able to be close to the beautiful surrounding nature at the corridor of our national park.
Mt Kinabalu Climbing Packages
Trekkers and hikers rejoiced over these packages, as they get to challenge themselves for conquering one of the highest mountains in South East Asia! You can choose to simply scale the mountain on a normal trail, or if you are the extreme sports type, you will want to try out the via ferrata routes. Low’s Peak Circuit in particular, is a certified Guinness World Records holder for the being the highest Via Ferrata in the world! Due to limited slots on daily basis, we urge you to make your bookings at least six months ahead, before your arrival into Sabah.
2D1N Mt Kinabalu Climb (Lemaing/SSL, Tour Code: AA0301)
This package is one of the normal hiking trails that is only available for booking, 30 days from your arrival date, and depending on availability of the slots at the time. If you don’t have a lot of time, but want to challenge your physicality, this is just right for you.
3D2N Mt Kinabalu Climb (Lemaing/SSL, Tour Code: AA0302)
Designed to give you the full experience at our Kinabalu National Park, you will like to take on this package, as it gives you ample time to acclimatize the altitude, before your hike to the base camp. You can also explore the many nature trails and park facilities during your stay inside this natural paradise.
2D1N Low’s Peak Circuit (Via Ferrata Package – Advance Level, Tour Code: AA0401)
Designated as the world’s highest via ferrata route by Guinness World Records, you definitely should give this one a try! How often, can you bring home a certificate that states you have outdone yourself, by conquering the world’s highest mountain trail?!
2D1N Walk The Torq (Via Ferrata Package – Basic Level, Tour Code: AA0402)
Not ready to take up all those challenges, but still want to find out what the fuss is all about on the via ferrata route? This shorter route is just perfect for you, and we are certain that it will make you want to come back the second time for the advance level soon!
3D2N VFE (Via Ferrata Package, Tour Code: AA0403 - AA0405)
Can’t stop marveling at the beautiful sight at the base camp? Didn’t make it to the peak due to poor weather condition? Fear not, we got you covered with one of these packages, as you are able to stay two nights at the base camp to give it another shot at conquering the peak!
Mulu National Park
As Sarawak’s largest national park, and another World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this is highly recommended by all nature lovers who enjoy hiking and trekking through nature trails and duck into the caves for some awesome formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Mulu National Park offers you a unique journey into the heartland in Sarawak, where one could be lost with awe, after seeing the beauty of nature’s work.
3D2N Mulu Caves Discovery (Tour Code: AA0501)
Tucked in the thick rainforest in this national park, there are four show caves that you can explore with your nature guide. Each cave is different and unique on its own, and for those curious and adventurous types, you can go for the Adventure Caving activity to explore more of the vast cave systems in Mulu!
4D3N Mulu Caves + Pinnacles Jungle Trekking (Tour Code: AA0502)
This combo package gives you the ultimate experience to go down to the caves and up to the famous Pinnacles in this national park. Some even claimed that trekking up to the Pinnacles are more difficult than scaling Mt Kinabalu in Sabah. We’ll let you be the judge for that, though we are sure that no matter the comparison, the trip will leave you with wonderful memories from this journey.
4D3N Mulu Caves + Headhunter Trails Trekking (Tour Code: AA0503)
Hoping for longer treks along rainforest and lowland regions? Curious to find out the ancient trail left behind by the infamous Headhunters back in the days? This package will take you down to the famous show caves, and then onward to more trekking through layers of rainforest.
5D4N Mulu National Park Deluxe (Mulu Caves + Pinnacles + Headhunter Trails, Tour Code: AA0504)
This package covers all the wonderful sights and sounds in Mulu National Park. This is another popular package among visitors to the park, to stay true to our LOHAS concept; this package provides you with an in-depth experience that takes you through lush rainforest, caves, and the magnificent limestone pinnacles.
3D2N Miri + Niah Cave + Tusan Beach (Tour Code: AA06)
As an oil and natural gas mining town, Miri was made popular among visitors thanks to the discovery of Niah Caves. It is one of the biggest cave systems in the world, and an important archaeological site for discovering hominin fossils that could date back to 40,000 years ago; making it the oldest recorded human settlement in east Malaysia. Tusan Cliff Beach is another recent discovers that visitors to the area could enjoy not only the breath-taking sunset view but at the right seasons, one could also witness the rare phenomenon that is known as “Blue Tears”. This phenomenon is caused by the bio-luminescence micro-organisms in the water are interrupted by oxygen to produce a bright blue light on the beach.
2D1N Trus Madi (Tour Code: AA07)
Mt Trus Madi is the second highest peak in Sabah (2,642 meters a.s.l.), located in the central region of Sabah, within the Crocker Range Park. With the abundance of unique flora and fauna in the 1,400 sq. km. conservation area, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the natural environment. Although not the highest, it offers a tougher challenge as compared to Mt Kinabalu. Do you think you have what it takes to take up the challenge? Contact us today for more details!
4D3N Orou Sapulot Nabawan (Tour Code: AA08)
Discover this off the tourist path wonders of nature through our carefully organized package to get the most during your journey to experience a ‘back-in-time’ to one of the most remote areas of Sabah. You get to do a lot of fun and exciting activities at this area: caving, rapid shooting, camping, trekking, all the while with the chance of mingling with the local Murut tribe for some cultural exchange and food and beverages tasting. If you are one of the types that like to wander off into the wild, this one is just for you!


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