Further reading, before you fly…

  • 3D2N Kota Kinabalu Fun Package
  • 4D3N Kota Kinabalu Leisure Package
  • 5D4N Kota Kinabalu Exploration Package
  • 2D1N Mt Kinabalu Adventure Package (Via Ferrata)
  • 3D2N Mt Kinabalu Adventure Package (Via Ferrata)
  • 2D1N Mt Kinabalu Leisure Package (Lemaing / SSL)
  • 3D2N Mt Kinabalu Leisure Package (Lemaing / SSL)
  • 3D2N Danum Valley
  • 4D3N Danum Valley
  • West Coast Scuba Diving
    1. TARP Islands
  • East Coast Scuba Diving
    1. Mabul Island
    2. Sipadan Island
    3. Kapalai Island
    4. Tun Sakaran Marine Park
  • Helicopter Discovery Flight
  • 2D1N Sandakan Discovery Package
  • 3D2N Sandakan Nature Package
  • 3D2N Mulu Show Caves
  • 4D3N Mulu Caves + Pinnacles
  • 4D3N Mulu Caves + Headhunter Trails
  • 5D4N Mulu National Park Exploration Package
  • 3D2N Miri City + Niah National Park
  • Miri Scuba Diving Package
  • 3D2N Kuching Fun Package
  • 4D3N Kuching Discovery Package

In the event of cancellation of booking by Client, a written notice must be provided. The following cancellation charges must be borne by the Client and the traveling companions as follows:-
The number of days between tour commencement and receipt of cancellation notice:
  • 30 days or more (50% of tour cost forfeited)
  • 15 to 29 days (75% of tour cost forfeited)
  • 08 to 14 days (85% of tour cost forfeited)
  • 04 to 07 days (95% of tour cost forfeited)
  • Less than 04 days or No Show (100% of tour cost forfeited)

For tour products or individual components supplied by 3rd parties, e.g. Air Tickets, Hotel/Lodge Bookings, etc, cancellation fees under the terms and conditions of the respective 3rd parties shall apply plus a minimum handling charge of RM50.00 per service per person. For climbing packages, each name changed / replacement will have a charge of RM100.00 per person.