Miri Leisure Dive

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Being the third biggest island in the world and the largest in Asia, East Malaysia (a.k.a. Borneo) is surrounded by tranquil seas that are best for scuba diving amongst other fun water activities.Sabah is blessed with long scenic coastlines at both the west and east coasts, where dotted of beautiful small tropical islands (each with its own charm), packed with some pretty amazing dive sites! From beginners to the professionals, regardless of your level of diving skills, these islands provide you with endless marvels of undersea coral reefs with the abundance of macro and micro sea organisms that will surely enchant you to want to dive more!

Miri Scuba Diving (Miri, Leisure Dive / Discovery Scuba Dive, Tour Code: DB06, Duration: Full Day)

Divers, from beginners to those who have dived all the world’s most famous locations, have nothing but praise for the reefs around Miri, with depths varying from 7 to 40 meters and average visibility of 10 to 30 meters. The variety of corals and other marine life on the reefs rivals the best in the region. Over 800 species of hard and soft corals cover the reefs and Gorgonians, sea-whips, anemones, sponges and crinoids are abundant. 40 species of nudibranchs have already been sighted. and the area is renowned for sting rays, turtles, all manner of reef fish, and whale shark spotting in the season. Journey to Miri, is possible from Kuching, Sarawak or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah; via domestic flights, where tour commences.


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